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1lb avg. package Stew Meat-


Whether you are having your normal meals or expecting some guests over for dinner, it’s important to make your stew tasty. Our meat is precut, making cooking more enjoyable and quicker than ever. Our beef meat for stew weighs 1 lb, which will make plenty of stew for you and your guests. This cut features pure red meat with minimal fat content and is grass-fed beef to ensure you are eating healthy. This beef is tender which reduces cooking time. It also offers great texture and a flavorful taste. The few traces of fat melt away into the soup, which ensures you get tender bites of beef in the soup.


Our beef is grass-fed, grass- finished and ethically raised. Our cattle are never given steroids, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. We pride ourselves in offering on the best products available. 


Shipping: We ship all orders on Tuesday mornings with UPS Ground or 2-day air. 

Stew Meat

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