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Cow and Calf

At Raising Grace Farms LLC we are “farming with a mission.” We are committed to providing our customers high quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef. In addition to our grass-fed beef, we also provide high quality pork. 


Within our mission to provide you with high quality beef and pork, we believe our most important resource is people. We have partnered with Path of Grace Inc., a residential home for people with disabilities. The herd of cattle at Raising Grace Farms is fed and cared for daily by those who call Path of Grace their home. Fodder is grown on our farm and fed to the cattle daily. The tenants have an opportunity to be a part of this sustainable program that offers “forever grass” – fresh, green nutrient rich sprouted grass fodder to the cattle daily. Thus, generating grass-fed beef, which will be sold, and the profits will be directed to Path of Grace Inc. to support the operating costs of the homes. 


In addition to our partnership with Path of Grace Inc,, we have also partnered with The Arc of Allegan County, Beyond Bones, and Legacy Icons to provide a space for their services. These partnering organizations and businesses are filled with people who are passionate, creative, and care for people with special needs. They have a desire to reflect our commitment to the stewardship of the natural environment, respect of our Christian values and mission to serve. Together we provide a beautiful blend of choices that include employment, job skill development, volunteering, and community engagement.

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