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1/8 Beef Special-


Local delivery and pickup only. Shipping is not available on this product.


This special includes roughly 1/8 of a steer. You will receive the following cuts with your order already processed:


2- skirt steak (12 oz avg. each)

2- sirloin steak (12oz avg. each)

2- New York Strip Steak (10oz avg. each)

2- Tenderloin Steak (12oz avg. each)

4- Sizzler Steak (8oz avg. each)

2- Stew Meat (1lb avg. each)

1- Rump Roast (3lb avg.)

3- Chuck Roast (3lb avg. boneless)

20 lbs Ground Beef

6- Ground Beef Patties (4ct. 1/3lb patties each package)


Great deal with a saving of 15% off retail prices!

1/8 Beef Special

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